How To: Do the beginner pilates move the One Leg Circle

Do the beginner pilates move the One Leg Circle

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If you are looking a for a quick pilates reference, take a look at this pilates animation. This a quick & easy, clearly explained diagram of the pilates mat exercise: Classical Pilates for Beginners: The One Leg Circle. Pilates exercises focus on breathing, alignments of the spine & build strong torso muscles.

Setup for the One Leg Circle:

* Zip and hollow (engage the Powerhouse).
* Anchor your shoulders arms & head to the mat.
* Right knee to chest, and lengthen the leg long to the ceiling.
* Turn the whole leg out very slightly, and keep it soft.

Action for the One Leg Circle:

* Breathe in and cross the leg over the body to the opposite shoulder.
* Breathe out and circle the leg down and around to the start.
* Five repetitions!
* Breathe in as you (reverse direction). Leg circles down and across.
* Breathe out to circle back to the start.
* Five repetitions!

Classic Pilates Cueing:

* Cross over, circle up!
* Zip and hollow! Stabilize your pelvis!
* Down cross over and up!


* To keep the pelvis motionless in face of a moving leg challenge (requires a strong "powerhouse").
* Works the hip flexors and quads in opposition to the hamstrings.

Precision Points:

* Scoop your abdomen deep and "glue" your shoulders and arms to the mat.
* Concentrate on a stable pelvis.
* Finesse the circle: Relax the butt muscles & do not lock the knee.


Don't let an injury or weakness stop you! There is always a modification. Take your time and find the right one for you. If in doubt, seek advice!

* Pain in the groin/anterior thigh; hip arthritis -bend the knee 90-100 degrees and relax the leg muscles. Keep the abs & glutes firing.
* Tight hamstrings -bend the knee 5-20 degrees.
* Popping hip - Circle the leg in a small range & turn the leg out as far

Do the beginner pilates move the One Leg Circle

Do the beginner pilates move the One Leg Circle Click through to watch this video on

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